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Direct Hire Placement

We work for you and we don't replace good old fashioned face to face interviews with technology.

Our recruiters know how to ask the right questions, look in the right places and recruit the best talent in the market. We strategize, plan, search, recruit and screen the "best of the best".

Temporary Placement

Whether you call them contractors, assignment professionals, or consultants, we have the interim talent you are looking for.

We will send you the best person for the job and you will be happy with the results or, after the first 16 hours, you won't receive an invoice.

Contingency Advantage

Take advantage of our contingency, and whether the person you hire is from Motus or not, you will know you hired the best available.

Have you ever shopped for something and wished you could take a hassle free test drive? Our contingency status allows you to review our talent, compare it to yours and the best part is it doesn't cost you a cent.


You can reduce personnel administration costs and employment liabilities by payrolling employees through Motus.

We offer a comprehensive payrolling service for clients that includes insurance, payroll tax reporting, direct deposit, and payroll processing. Call us to discuss any questions or needs you have in this area.

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