Phill Yoon - Executive IT RecruiterPhill Yoon

Executive IT Recruiter

Phill Yoon, Executive IT Recruiter and formerly a US Resident Athlete in training for Taekwondo embodies dedication and commitment; exactly what it takes to be a successful Recruiter. You will immediately notice his charismatic and genuine nature, his collaborative approach, his communication skills and care about your needs and goals.

His highest intention is to help others and he truly believes in the reality of you being happy and successful. Phill has an uncanny ability to multi-task and effectively juggle multiple projects and positions simultaneously, and he always makes sure you know the status of the recruitment. He is a leader in the recruiting market, a professional through and through, he understands and appreciates people and absolutely loves his job! Ask him about it any time - it will instantly put a smile on your face.

We love working with Phill too, and you can rest assured you'll feel the same way. He is different than any other IT Recruiter you've spoken with in the past, and his goal is to be the last Recruiter you NEED to work with.

Phill Yoon - Executive IT RecruiterRecruiting Ninja
Ph: 503.496.1321


One last fun tidbit: Phill does awesome impersonations of famous people. Hilarious!

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